Find the capsule

Space Chase is an orienteering game where a surprise prize capsule will crash-land from near space. Solve the clues given by the crashing capsule in order to claim the prize - 10k$ of cold hard cash, new unreleased iPhone, who knows? New high value prizes every time!

First 50 signups will get a free ticket!

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What is Space Chase?

Space Chase is an advanced orienteering challenge with high value prizes dropping literally from space!

How does it work?

  • The closest city to the next Space Chase is announced
  • Countdown timer is started
  • A limited amount of tickets become available
  • General game area is announced 72h before the start to the ticket holders (a 30km radius)
  • Weather balloon is deployed 1h before the game
  • Once the timer ticks to zero, the capsule will start sending information to the participants through our website
  • First one to the capsule will win the grand prize in the capsule

Space Chase Pricing

We send awesome stuff to space and bring it back so you can find it!
Maybe it's 10 000$ in cash or a new unreleased iPhone? Who knows.

100$ - 150$ per person

Each event has a limited amount of tickets and price changes based on demand

Supporting Space Science

10% of each Ticket's price will be donated to Space Science

Extreme Promotion

Want to do a PR stunt? Need a fancy way to launch a new product? Look no further, contact us for pricing.

Want to participate in the next Space Chase?

First 50 signups get a free ticket to the first ever Space Chase!